A commitment from CEOs

On October 6, 2015 30 top executives from across Nova Scotia today promised to do all they can to make Nova Scotia the safest place to work and live in Canada. The CEOs signed a new Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter that commits them to reducing injuries in their workplaces. The Charter is the first of its kind in Nova Scotia and stands as a public declaration by the CEOs to do better on health and safety.

Jeff MacLean, President of Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. is one of six CEOs who have volunteered to serve on the CEO Steering Committee who will establish the goals and action plan for the upcoming year. Mr. MacLean said:

Michelin is proud to support this initiative and engage with other businesses and organizations in Nova Scotia, all who share the belief that a safer province is a more productive and prosperous province. Leaders today and others who join this initiative have all committed to share best practices and are committed that with senior leadership commitment we will all improve the health and safety performance in Nova Scotia.

“We’re signing a Charter today to raise awareness and encourage every business leader in Nova Scotia to make safety a priority,” says Jason Shannon, COO of Shannex Incorporated. “Safe workplaces are a right of every employee and something that should be at the top of business planning agendas.”

The Steering Committee will over the next weeks and months commence the positive steps to engage further Nova Scotia businesses and organizations and to commence its internal and external health and safety strategies.

“Safety leadership is an essential part of a strong safety culture,” says Kelly Regan, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education. These 30 CEOs are showing they’re committed to creating a better future for workers in this province. I applaud their efforts, and encourage more top executives across Nova Scotia to join them.”

Since then 60 additional organizations have become Charter signatories following a series of meetings around the Province. Current members employ more than 80,000 Nova Scotians working in manufacturing, retail, fisheries, health care, education, construction, government and service. And still growing!!